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We’d like to thank our newest sponsor NetFlix.
If you don’t know what Netflix is, or don’t have it yet, I must say you really need to check out it out.

I ordered it 2 months ago (That includes that FREE 1st month, with no strings attached.) and I must admit, I LOVE IT.

I didn’t realize that they had changed from a mail-order DVD company, to a on-demand streaming company.
Since I ordered, I’ve watched every episode of Breaking Bad that was available, about 15 movies and countless other TV shows.
Not only that, my kids love it too. They have tons of kids movies and shows available when we want them.

We can get it through the Wii, my iPhone and my computer. My daughter gets it on her Kindle Fire.

All for $8 a month! It is seriously one of the best monthly investments I’ve made in entertainment….for ever really.

I am suggesting everyone checks it out and signs up. You’ll be glad you did….

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